Frankfort, KY to Castle Rock, GA

327 Miles

The runners will assemble on Wednesday morning (Jun 15), park their vehicles in a hayfield atop Sand Mountain in North Georgia, and board tour buses. The only thing they will know about their destination is that it will be between 300 and 350 miles away. Once they arrive, they will be able to access maps of the course they will take to get them back to their vehicles. After an overnight stay in a hotel, the field will be bused to the start the following morning. From there, with only the supplies they can carry or obtain along the way, they have 10 days to get back.
Twice daily tracking will be maintained, and runners wishing to drop will be transported back to their vehicles. Finishers will be shuttled with their vehicles to motels near the finish for a safe sleep before getting behind the wheel. There is no greater freedom than being totally alone on the open road, relying only on your wits, your skill, and your physical ability to cover ground in order to reach the finish line.
Come experience it for yourself.
June 16 – June 26, 2022
Laz's Daily Updates

The race is underway. It was a festive group of 82!

Laz’s updates

HOTS for the angels…

HOTS for the angels….i am a little fuzzy right, to be honest i am a lot fuzzy right now.two weeks of sleep deprivationand craziness has my eyes barely staying open.but before i take this long...

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216 hours

HOTS update; the final day.this is how it always ends.the winners went home long ago.most of the rest are in various stages of recuperation…..a handful of runners struggle on.this time there are 14...

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210 hours

HOTS update 8 days 18 hoursthe camp is quiet now.most everyone here is asleepkeeping themselves charged enough for upcoming ferries of tired runners down to motels to recover.we cant let them drive...

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192 hours

HOTS update 8 dayshots 2022…redefining shitshow.the last 3 runners under 8 days put on quite a show coming up sand mountain.jason and scott made the turn and started up the mountain at 1 mile per...

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186 hours

HOTS update 7 days 18 hours..things are pretty quiet up here on the rock.we havent had a finisher in 6 hours,which gave me time to go down to the motel for a little bitand get something to eat on...

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156 hours

HOTS six and a half day update this time.the runners have started to come inand there is very little time to come back down to do one.charge is valuable up on the rockand irreplaceable...

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144 hours

HOTS late update day 6.this will be a little short,and that finishers are starting to arrive the timing is more challenging…..and we have to try and grab any opportunities to get some...

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132 hours

HOTS update day five and a half!.the heat came back today.boy did it ever come back.even in the shade the air felt like standing in front of an open coke oven..i saw that some (who had the...

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random update

HOTS random update.if you want to renew your faith in humanitydo a journey run..all we ever seem to hear these daysis how polarized the country is.we hear about all the “crazies out...

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