A typical day of LazCon

14 hours on the road
2 hours clean-up, eat, write, plan
7 hours sleep
1 hour getting up and back out

Start time varies depending on the previous day’s finish time, but earlier is better (around 5:00-6:00am).

Ways to help Laz

1) the biggest: getting his pack from beginning to end (he’s also inherited a cooler and folding chair somewhere along the line)
2) tour guide: he loves hearing stories / history from your part of the country while walking the route
3) rides to/from his stopping point to his hotel and back again

He’s found that a tag-team of two crew works best — taking turns walking and moving a vehicle up the course.

What is involved with crewing for Laz?

Suggested reading, to get an idea of what to expect:

1) Tim Hardy’s report of crewing Laz

2) Ron Smith’s list of things he learned crewing for Laz.

3) Mary Hosbrough’s crewing tips

4) Lee Hosbrough’s hints for crewing Laz

Other Notes
  • Keep Laz honest with time. If he says he wants to sit for ten minutes, start nudging him at five minutes. His 10-minute breaks are 16 minutes or so. It all adds up.
  • At the endpoint of the day, take a picture of a sign or other landmark and send it to the following day’s crew.
  • Laz drinks Dr. Pepper and Gatorade, does not drink coffee or tea.
  • Laz doesn’t like his pack being more than 5-10 minutes from him.
  • Laz also said he only eats “meals”, so no need to bring snacky stuff and he’s not a “fruit and yogurt type of guy”.  He likes to have a sausage and cheese omelet in the morning, and he probably won’t eat again until he stops for the day. But the drinks are always welcome.
  • Milkshakes require a straw (it’s a beard thing).
  • Sightseeing – if it’s not on the course, there isn’t time to do it.

Laz has been about a day behind schedule for the few weeks — see LazCon Tracker.

In planning logistics, it would be helpful to know your plans of helping him out.
– How you’d like to help (crew, tour guide, shuttle)
– Start Date/TIme
– End Date/TIme
– Email
– Cell Phone

If you volunteer to help Laz, I will connect you with the others crewing that day to allow you to coordinate your activities.


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