40 Mile, Marathon, 13.2 Mile, 10K – road



For four decades now, the first Saturday in May has meant one thing in the scenic hills of Bedford County, Tennessee; the return of the Foot Warriors.

And the Ultra-Marathoners have kept coming back to stroll the quiet streets of Wartrace and Bell Buckle, enjoying the picturesque homes and quaint shops.

They come back to share in the reunion of the Ultra community.

Back to celebrate the end of Winter with a run in the inspiring springtime beauty of the Highland Rim.

Back to be a part of one of the most competitive Road Ultras in the US, and to match their times against the fastest runners of the past 41 years.

Back to strive for a coveted Gold Shirt… or Blue Shirt… or Red Shirt.

Back to feast on the bountiful repast at both pre- and post-run festivities.

But, most of all, the Ultra-Marathoners keep coming back because, at the Strolling Jim™, every runner is a hero, an honored guest, and a welcomed friend.

Join us this May for the 42nd running of the race, and you will find your own reasons to keep coming back.