lets be honest.
day 5 has been a hard one for the runners so far.
the last half of day 4 was an endless series of severe storms.
the sun "came up" to more of the same.

what makes it harder is that when the rain stops
often as not the sun comes out
and all that water hits the runners again on its way back to the sky…

in the form of 105% humidity.
it is a cruel water cycle.

at this point the field is an array of trashed feet.
blisters, maceration, skin sloughing off.
and the nearest runners to the finish are still 70 miles away.
the back of the field has 200 miles to go.

this is gettysburg for runners.
from here on out
skill in footcare runs a close second to sheer will to finish.
it will take a lot of both for anyone to make it.

but into the night the survivors march on
praying for an end to the rains.
how many will survive until morning is anyone’s guess.

this is a bloodbath.

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