HOTS update…. 156 hours
has it only been a week?
so, as we head into the last night of the first week
we had a memorable day.
rain, rain, and then more rain.
5 more runners finished,
but (unbelievably) no one dropped.
i know we have some in serious difficulty
besides the battering of having run a minimum of 215 miles
this endless rain is about the most difficult conditions for a run like this.
almost continuous exposure
the impossibility of keeping things dry…
and pure torture for the feet.
the one thing that has probably made the moist difference;
the people who live in east tennessee.
if you ever want to renew your faith in humanity
do a journey run.
people want to help other people.

so we got a long enough break to come off the mountain.
we ate real food and now are hoping for a few minutes of sleep before having to go back…
and just hoping we make it.
the downpours of the day have turned our road into soup
and one vehicle is already stuck.
we can get it out when it dries up a little…
i hope!

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