HOTS update…hour 84
3.5 days,
4 days of running complete and heading into the 4th night.
the update is late.
immediately after posting the morning update we hooked up with carl
and drove 100 miles back to pick up a drop
then drove back up the course.
little did we know there was a second runner only 2 miles back of our pickup
who would drop after we left.
now, rather than getting a ride to the rock today
they will have to be passed up the course
and stashed in motels until the next run to the rock.
we stopped in morristown to get milk shakes at the ice cream shop at the start of the elevated sidewalks.
while there a runner we had just passed 2 miles earlier called to drop
(he had not seen us pass)
we advised him to try and make it to the ice cream shop
and see if some ice cream and air conditioning might change his mood.
5 minutes later he called to undrop…
the journey can be an emotional roller coaster.
anyway, we made our way thru
seeing runners in every state of emotional and physical upheaval.
we saw william cooper missing a turn
and stopped up ahead to warn him.
however, he realized something was wrong about 20 feet before passing us
(he did not see us there)
and we got to watch him figure it out
and look with disgust at the road he was supposed to be on before turning back to catch the right turn..
great video moment in this year’s HOTS posted on the HOTS group.
the canadian smoke is a mixed blessing this year.
it definitely takes the teeth out of the sun
and is keeping temperatures down.
but the air quality is less than ideal.
the last runner we saw was bob shortly after he topped dayton mountain.
he was smiling and running at a good clip.
given that he only got 30 miles this 12 hours,
he must have stopped for a break somewhere.
he waved as he went by
and looks better than anyone we saw all day.
by the time we finished the 250 mile drive to the finish
the update was late.
so this is what you get.
i need to hurry out and walk the last 2 hours till midnight.
getting in miles of my own every day has been tricky this week.

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