HOTS update… 72 hours
it does what it does
and it is what it is
as i sit and watch the totals start to hit the tracker
the runners jumping ahead so that i can see what they got in during the night
i think about the new phase the race is entering.
a journey,
like life
is always changing.
with 3 days under their belts
the runners that greet the fourth sunrise have been hardened.
there are no innocents left.
everyone is hurt
but everyone is determined now.
they are not going to endure all they have endured
and then just go home for some minor irritant
(like one of their feet falling off)
the great mailing of useless supplies is done.
what they carry
they need.
stiffened muscles and creaking joints aside
they move efficiently down the shoulder.
eating ground.
uphill and down.
what they will not do now
is quit easy.
too much has been invested.
too many miles have passed under their feet.
the check ins are coming slow this morning.
bob reached the halfway point yesterday morning
just before check in.
we wait to see if he is still on track to finish in under 4 days.
long one of america’s best 24 hour runners
he was always known as a meticulous planner.
yet he thrives in the uncertain environment of the open road.
this brutal challenge brings out unexpected strengths
in those who step off the bus.
bob checks in with just over 100 miles to go.
he extended his lead to nearly 50 miles during the night.
his only serious opponent is the magical sub-4 day finish.
can he go over 100 miles in the next 24 hours?
john clarke had reached the halfway point just before check in last night.
he was a half a day behind hearn
but being closely pursued by stafford and ratliff. 4
miles behind.
during the night ratliff fell back.
but thomas jackson moved up and joined stafford.
clarke dropped all the way to 5th.
there are 13 runners between 180 and 200 miles.
the standings shuffle every time someone takes a sleep break.
we can expect to see many more changes in the standings
over the next 3 days.
so only the top 14 are yet at the halfway mark,
and the weather is changing.
yesterday was the first actually hot day.
and after a cool night
today is supposed to be hotter still.
looking ahead the weather is supposed to turn to thunderstorms tonight.
a massive front can be seen on the radar
and it has just passed memphis.
technology has changed many things about a journey run.
your watch finds the course for you
and your phone tells you what the weather will be.
but one thing remains the same….
because it does what it does
and it is what it is.
the runners have all day to acquire new rain gear
(if they mailed home the gear they brought with them)
but they have nowhere to hide.
if they work hard and get lucky
maybe they can reach a place to shelter from a single storm.
but they are facing maybe a day and a half of heavy weather.
there is nothing for it
but to hunker down
and soldier on.
because it does what it does
and it is what it is.

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