Fig, North Carolina to Castle Rock, Georgia

347 Miles

The runners will assemble on Wednesday morning (Jun 15), park their vehicles in a hayfield atop Sand Mountain in North Georgia, and board tour buses. The only thing they will know about their destination is that it will be between 300 and 350 miles away. Once they arrive, they will be able to access maps of the course they will take to get them back to their vehicles. After an overnight stay in a hotel, the field will be bused to the start the following morning. From there, with only the supplies they can carry or obtain along the way, they have 10.5 days to get back.
Twice daily tracking will be maintained, and runners wishing to drop will be transported back to their vehicles. Finishers will be shuttled with their vehicles to motels near the finish for a safe sleep before getting behind the wheel. There is no greater freedom than being totally alone on the open road, relying only on your wits, your skill, and your physical ability to cover ground in order to reach the finish line.
Come experience it for yourself.
June 15 – June 24, 2023
Laz's Daily Updates

HOTS 2023. It was a festive group of 82!

Laz’s updates

HOTS update…… 228 hours

HOTS update…… 228 hours . character and integrity . there are a lot of things that make an athlete great. everyone knows that talent is important. the willingness to do the preparation...

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Hots Update…. 216 hours

Hots Update…. 216 hours . it’s not always rainbows and unicorns . the good news is the rain has stopped and the sun is out. the bad news is the rain has stopped and the sun is out. ....

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HOTS update… hour 204

HOTS update… hour 204 . ordinary is as ordinary does really late update it has been a busy day! the rain finally stopped, and the sand that is so treacherous when waterlogged drains quite...

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… up on the rock; Impassable roads have created supply chain issues. Rather than the traditional dispensing of goodies to incoming finishers Race staff is scavenging the runner’s packs for...

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HOTS update……192 hours

Runners came into kimball all night Piling up at the clarion like derailed train cars. Sunlight brought them back to life and now about 15 of them are shuffling down the road like a zombie parade....

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HOTS update…. hour 180

short update to save battery. we are pretty well stranded on the rock. hoping for rescue mission if rain does not end by sunday night. food supply very limited. but plenty of water. my feet may rot...

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HOTS update…. 168 hours (2)

HOTS update…. 168 hours (2) . this is the time to start taking a different look at the 50 (or so) runners still on the course. for the runners also it is time to start taking a serious look at...

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HOTS update…. 168 hours

HOTS update…. 168 hours . in just a little while we will pass the one week mark. it was a wild night up here on the rock. we actually had an hour or so when the rain stopped took the...

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HOTS update…. 156 hours

HOTS update…. 156 hours . has it only been a week? . so, as we head into the last night of the first week we had a memorable day. . rain, rain, and then more rain. 5 more runners finished, but...

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