the rain came in during the night.
it is currently light here at the finish line,
but checking the radar
our course running northeast is currently almost all getting rain.
some places are getting hammered!
there will be many funny stories to emerge from last night.
what did not emerge was jun lin and timothy okeefe.
when you are on the edge it does not take much to push you over.
and it looks like there has been much during the night.
diane taylor is now on deathwatch.
she has been behind the reaper on consecutive check-ins
and the deficit grew to 3 miles during the night.
7 miles ahead of her is john price.
she needs a good 12 hours in the rain or the plug will be pulled.
meanwhile, 200 miles ahead of her (by now)
bob hearn cranked out 47 miles the last 12 hours in the rain.
he started day 5 with less than a marathon to go.
we are expecting him to pass by here in the next half hour.
soon we will be going to bring home a new queen!
the man is phenomenally good at the open road (uncrewed).
stay tuned for more action.
it was a brutal night
and today is not shaping up to be better.
up and down the road
the frayed runners are fighting for their lives.

rain might be the hardest conditions on the road.
it penetrates everything eventually
no matter how good your rain gear.
and the runners have only the rain gear they can carry.
and when it is raining like this
blasts of water from passing vehicles just adds to the misery.
and the mini typhoons that accompany trucks…

they can almost knock the runners off their feet.

thomas jackson was 71 miles behind bob at check in.
he has a full day to go.
john clarke had pulled back up to 3rd
7 miles behind jackson.
addison hendricks caught ratliff and stafford during the night
and the three are now either together
or in close proximity
another 6 miles behind clarke.

there is going to be a lot of action in the next 12 hours.
there is a lot on the line.
quite possibly it will be raining the entire time.
and the severe storms that battered the field overnight may not be done yet.

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