All results and reports are for the Vol State runs of 2006-2020 for the course from Dorena Landing, MO to Castle Rock, GA — 314 miles.

Vol State Results 2006-2022

The Dorena Landing to Castle Rock course was established in 2006.  The first three runnings were reported via the UltraList with reports on the runners every twelve hours or so.  In 2009, a map was used to track the runners along with the UltraList posts.  This format was used until the Tracking Sheet was introduced in 2014.  New for 2018 is this website – – everything that we had in the past and more.

Links to the previous races:

2009 Map

2010 Map

2011 Map

2012 Map

2013 Map

2014 Tracking Sheet

2015 Tracking Sheet

2016 Tracking Sheet

2017 Tracking Sheet

2018 Tracking Sheet

2019 Tracking Sheet

2020 Tracking Sheet

2021 Tracking Sheet

2022 Tracking Sheet