About the race

The last annual Third Circle of Hell is a challenging course over mainly back roads. There are numerous turns, requiring adeptness at route finding, long stretches through remote reaches of the State of Tennessee without available services, requiring the ability to pack adequate supplies, and 23 major climbs, requiring exceptional tolerance of discomfort. The reward is an unforgettable tour of some of Tennessee’s least known scenic areas. There are three major Geographical features that will be thoroughly explored: The long Pressure Ridges of upper East Tennessee, thrust up by the Smoky Mountain Orogeny, the Crab Orchard Mountains, and the Cumberland Plateau/Sequatchie Valley combo.This is the third jewel in the triple crown of last annual Tennessee Journey Runs. If you survive this trilogy, you will truly be ready for anything.

#1V317Jim Winn3705:22:30:59
#2V134James Fleming3706:06:19:59
#3V359Brian Purcell3706:22:39:58
#4V268Jeff Stafford3707:08:50:59
#5V150Kimberly Durst3707:08:53:59
#6V460Kenny Wunder3707:12:22:59
#7V20Naresh Kumar3707:22:31:59
#8V360Bill Hillin3707:22:37:59
#9V304Chris Kane3708:05:47:35
#10V263Lisa Mcfadden3708:07:10:59
#11V428Jessica Labelle3708:12:01:59
#12V223Terry Bonnett3708:12:01:59
#13V326Darren Sorgenfrei3708:16:52:59
#14V458Stephanie Miller3708:21:14:35
#15V198Nick Nicholson3708:21:14:35
#16V44Tim Purol3708:21:14:35
#17V358Kim Drake3709:04:55:01
#18V434Alexis Batausa3709:05:38:56
#19V47Johnny Adams3709:05:55:59
#20V333Jerry Palmer3709:05:55:59
#21V430William Cooper3709:19:55:25
#22V313Mary Hosbrough37010:00:35:59
#23V28Diane Taylor37010:09:55:59
#24V3John Price37010:11:51:59
#25V310Odie Hestnes37010:11:53:59

Laz’s updates

Reroute at Mile 339

the road is completely gone,replaced by an enormous crater…. Option 1if you go to the right and cut thru the edge of the cemetery,there is a track where the construction crews have driven down to...

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update 1: hour 0

Link to FB post the brightly colored rain gear contrasted with the low cloud cover and overall grey tone of the morning as our adventurers crossed the clinch river and started up the switchbacks...

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Link to FB post Here they are at the courthouse in sneedville. 35 intrepid souls answered the starting cigarette at 0730 eastern time (US) and headed off into the mountains of east tennessee in a...

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Introduction to LATCH

(known to some as HELL) We are trying something different to make it easier for you to follow the event. While Posts have been cut off, you are not only welcome, but encouraged to put in your input...

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Day 0

day 0 they rest in the lovely little town of rogersville tennessee tonight. 3 dozen seasoned road warriors. if rest is the right word for it. their bellies are full and they lie on soft beds. but...

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