(known to some as HELL)

We are trying something different to make it easier for you to follow the event. While Posts have been cut off, you are not only welcome, but encouraged to put in your input in the comments. We have put in place a post for each day,and on those we hope to collect all of that day’s activity in the form of comments; This way when you come to look (sorted by newest posts) you will be able to get to what you want to see…

The first posts are the picture checkpoints on the course. When runners reach those checkpoints they will send in a selfie and we will post them in order, so you can see the slow (or not so slow) effect of this monster they are attempting.

Then we have posts in order for each day. I will be editing those posts for the 12 hour updates, so you can skim down and read about the happenings of each 12 hour period of the race. On these posts you can make your comments, participants can post pictures, etc. You can have all the same activity we previously had, but instead of being in a jumbled mess, it will remain in order.

I think you will find this a much more satisfactory virtual living of the race and certainly an easier way to keep track of your favorite denizen of hell… and you can still go to www.vacationwithoutacar.com to see the map and standings updated every 12 hours.


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