Dorena Landing, MO to Castle Rock, GA


Twice daily tracking will be maintained, and runners wishing to drop will be transported back to their vehicles. Finishers will be shuttled with their vehicles to motels near the finish for a safe sleep before getting behind the wheel. There is no greater freedom than being totally alone on the open road, relying only on your wits, your skill, and your physical ability to cover ground in order to reach the finish line.
Come experience it for yourself.
July 11-21, 2024
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vole stare toad race: 144 hour update

the vol stater was sitting on a curb in front of a gas station in a small rural town.on day 2 she had gotten extreme chafingso she stopped at a store that had only mens boxer briefs underwear.she...

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vole stare toad race: 132 hour update

vole stare toad race: 132 hour is funny how the mood swings at vol state central..during the month of fear so many runners withdrawthat it starts to feel like no one wants to really...

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120 hr update

the day begins as a lightening of the sky.then a slight pink appears along the eastern horizon..with surprising speed the first twinkle of the yellow ball of fire pierces the darkness.the light...

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vole stare toad race: 108 hour update

vole stare toad race: 108 hour update.this one will be a little hurried,as matthew bird is in no hopeand on the way to the turn up sand mountain.we have to finish a quick meal and head up that way...

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vole stare toad race: hour 96 update

vole stare toad race: hour 96 update.yes, i am 5 hours late starting this.there are still 85 runners on the road,and it is becoming increasingly more important to sleep when i some point we...

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vole stare toad race 84 hour update:

vole stare toad race 84 hour update:.we are entering a new phase of the race.the first thing you notice is that you do not instantly know how many days 86 hours represents(only 3 and a half)the...

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vole stare toad race 72 hour update:

vole stare toad race 72 hour update:.the 4th sunrise was not beautiful to the bleary eyed vol staters.the sky was almost cloudless,and the first rays of the sun striking their bodies triggered ptsd...

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vole stare toad race: 60 hour update

vole stare toad race: 60 hour update.after 2 and a half days on the road,the vole stare toad race has become many different the front we have chris varnadoe against addison hendricks.these...

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Adjusting expectations

Adjusting expectations:When runners come to the vol state,they usually come with expectations.The vast majority of them find that those expectationsare optimistic!days 2 and 3 are when these...

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The Vol-State is not just another ultramarathon. It is much more than that. The Vol-State is a journey, an adventure, and an exploration of inner space. It begins with a ferry ride across the Mississippi River, from Missouri to Kentucky, and finishes at “the Rock,” high atop Sand Mountain in Northwest Georgia. What lies in between are 314 miles of the great unknown. From the time the Vol-Stater steps off the Ferry until they reach the Rock, they are totally reliant upon their own physical and mental resources. For the next four to ten days, in the face of the heat and humidity of July in Tennessee, the Vol-Stater must make their way on foot, along highways and backroads, from one small town to the next, over hills and across rivers, up mountains and down long valleys, all the while accounting for all of their most basic needs; “what will I eat?” “When will I find water?” Where will I sleep?”

Success is not guaranteed. There are no aid stations, teeming with volunteers waiting to tend to your every need and encourage you to continue. There are just miles and miles of empty road. Your friends can follow your progress from afar, but no pacers can carry your burden for you. If you do encounter another runner, theirs is the same desperate plight as your own. You will have doubts. Finishing will often seem an unfathomable dream. Your worst enemy may become the knowledge that an air-conditioned ride to your car at the finish (in the dreaded seat of disgrace”) is but a phone call away.

Many will fail. But, for those who find the steely will and muster the sheer dogged tenacity to overcome the impossible obstacles, and reach the rock on foot, the Vol-State can be a transcendental experience. No words can adequately describe the sense of combined relief and amazement to be experienced at the Rock. No one can explain the regret that this incredible journey has actually come to an end. Former King, Barry Crumrine probably summed up the Vol-State experience as well as it can be put into words;

“I found in myself something that I never knew was there.”