Frankfort, KY to Castle Rock, GA

327 Miles

The runners will assemble on Wednesday morning (Jun 15), park their vehicles in a hayfield atop Sand Mountain in North Georgia, and board tour buses. The only thing they will know about their destination is that it will be between 300 and 350 miles away. Once they arrive, they will be able to access maps of the course they will take to get them back to their vehicles. After an overnight stay in a hotel, the field will be bused to the start the following morning. From there, with only the supplies they can carry or obtain along the way, they have 10 days to get back.
Twice daily tracking will be maintained, and runners wishing to drop will be transported back to their vehicles. Finishers will be shuttled with their vehicles to motels near the finish for a safe sleep before getting behind the wheel. There is no greater freedom than being totally alone on the open road, relying only on your wits, your skill, and your physical ability to cover ground in order to reach the finish line.
Come experience it for yourself.
June 16 – June 26, 2022
Laz's Daily Updates

The race is underway. It was a festive group of 82!

Laz’s updates

watching anxiously for the updates.

watching anxiously for the updates to start coming in. the entire course was hammered with heavy rains last night, but the rain is passing over the last runners at the back as the 6th day begins....

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the sun is setting on the 5th day

the sun is setting on the 5th day and jim fleming is all alone at the front. 32 miles (and a climb up sand mountain) stand between him and the title “queen of the south”) it doesnt sound...

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52 runners fight on…

4 days are in the bank. 52 runners fight on… . not 53 any more. pam smith’s valiant struggle on the brink came to a tragic end. after so many hours of pushing as hard as she could go she...

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the 4th night on the road begins

the 4th night on the road begins. only 15 runners have passed halfway… . by tomorrow morning check-in the runners are supposed to be at mile 133. past long creek. really, they need to be past...

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53 battered survivors battle on

three days are in the bank. things went better last night than they might have. the storm veered to the east and picked up speed. it did not drop tornadoes and all that other nasty stuff,,, . just a...

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59 faces

we drove thru the field from the front today. jan drove from the back. we met in the middle and filled a couple of vans with the defeated. . of the 75 who left the giant peach thursday morning 59...

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while you slept…

safe and secure in your beds preparing to do whatever run you do today over familiar terrain with assuredness of where you were where you are going and that at the end you will have a way...

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the sun has set again

the sun has set again after a very active day. . for the runners out on the road it is day two that really begins to define their path forward. . up front, it is the path to victory that is being...

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the first night is always exciting

in an anticipatory kind of way. . who will make a big move who will go to earth who will crumble and be hauled off in the meat wagon… . how will the race take shape? . bev and james stamped...

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