i am holed up in the crew car with poor ginger.
she was following me down the right shoulder because we knew thunderstorms were on the way.
lightning was flashing all around
some big bolts were hitting the ground.

took a hiatus to squeeze in more steps between cells.

it has been a wild ride so far tonight.
at one point (while walking past a hog confinement operation) heavy winds blasted thru,
smothering me in clouds of fine loess dust. ginger could not even see me.
some of the gusts must have been 50 mph or more,
as they nearly knocked me off my feet.

later there were coyotes yelping all around me…


coyotes don’t scare me
but when one ran across the road in front of me it was hard not to imagine them circling and closing in.
especially since it was pitch black between lightning strikes.

but this is what a transcon is.
what will happen today?
you never know what it will be
only that something will.
and you just have to deal with it…

and walk on.

wyoming is only 403 miles away
and the rain has passed again.
time to get out on the road.

for now.