well, here it is pretty late.

not really sure what time it is

(my phone is not sure either)

since we keep bouncing back and forth between eastern and central time.


i know it wont be long before kim wakes us back up to go see her finish.

we spent a long day at the rock as some of todays finishers were reduced to less than a mile an hour

except curtis whose final day was almost beyond belief.


well, it really was beyond belief

except he had the details to back it up in talking about the day

and posted a strava link that was confirmed by an expert.

i am so glad we could have conclusive evidence,

because it was one of the great home stretches of all times!


it looks like we should be able to get some sleep tomorrow

as there is a sizeable gap behind kim

(unless there is another curtis in the field)


then we are going to see a parade of finishers.


we lost a couple more today.

but neither was among the ones who have entered the second half of the race battling the cutoffs!


diana and odie, melissa and tony, jamie and josh.

all dead even with the grim reaper.

now that is pressure!

can they possibly make it 4 and a half more days without stumbling?

their races are now 12 hour races.

survive this 12

so you can try again in the next 12.




they are going to have to reach down deep

really, really deep.

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