252+ hr update
(it’s over)

The Heart of the South.

The runners have heart.
The communities have heart.
The event itself has heart.

There really couldn’t be a better name for this run.

We set up a course,
it really could be anywhere.
(and someday it will be!)
Those with the courage and will to try,
make the time to show up.

They interact with the other runners,
the environment,
and the communities that they pass through.

They dig deep within themselves.
(it is hard, afterall)

They find things that aren’t available anywhere else,
except on the side of the road between towns they’d never visited before.

Some find that their skills and resolve
aren’t up to the full challenge…(this time).
Some are rewarded for their preparation and commitment
with a visit to the Rock…

All leave with something special,
The Heart of the South.

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