216 hr update
(1.5 days to go)

Matt didn’t disappoint last night.
He dragged his carcass the last marathon up Sand Mountain,
barely able to keep his eyes open and feet on the white line…
While the full moon rose up from behind Lookout Mountain.

After he reached the bluff and emptied his vial of seawater
(carried more than 380 miles!)
he regaled us for more than an hour
with tales from the road,
tales that he will never forget,
because they were created in such a unique way.

The next finishers are almost where he was yesterday at this time…
so their final day will have the same flavor.
The Road Angel in Ider,
The turn in Flat Rock,
Dobbins Market and making the phone call to let us know they are close.
A finish at dusk is a fantastic way to wrap up this journey.

They have hung in there,
they have paid the price,
they have lived an entire life…
in just over a week.

They, and the people and places they have visited,
are The Heart of the South.

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