want to know how you know it is almost time?
i just sent the email asking who wants to eat the fabulous pre-race meal….
and who wants the veterinarian meal.
ok. they will both be good.
but the real meal has had my mouth watering in anticipation for months!!
why am i posting this?
because some of those mails are going to hit spam folders,
and some people never check their spam folder.
i am only going to order the specified number of veterinarian meals,
so we want everyone to get the word!!!
the room-mate request email will be out in another week or so.
dont worry,
if you do not select a room-mate and have one assigned,
you will not be assigned carl.
i have already seen the leopardskin thong he wears as pajamas,
and we dont want anyone else clawing out their eyes the night before the race begins.

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