silence on the rock.


all is quiet in the little clearing in the woods.

the tents are gone

the campfire is out.

no sound of laughter

no stories being told.


the footprints in the corn are filling with sand,

and the parking lot is empty.


the last checkin has been made

the winners are heading for home.

and the losers too


10 days packed with living are over.


but not forgotten.

whether success or failure was the outcome

there are adventures to remember

and stories to tell.


some have walked away disappointed.

their sacrifices made in vain.

others have walked away with something special.

something more than blisters and sunburn

something bigger than swollen tendons

and sore feet.

something deep inside.

that says;

“i can do the impossible”


when the limp subsides

they will walk with a little extra swagger in their step.

a different glint in their eye.


and when they are out in the real world

they will always be looking for another 332.

the mark that tells them

this vehicle belongs to another member 

of the brotherhood of the kimsey mountain highway.


the rock wont be silent for long.

another week and a half

and the buses will return.

to carry another load of warriors

to battle on the open road.

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