Just a note to the HOTS enthusiasts…. Carl and I have thrashed out the 2022 course, and it is a thing of beauty. historic sites and sights, unique geological features, breathtaking scenery, small towns, soon to be discovered angels, lots of wide shoulders, and (as always) a few surprises.

We believe you are going to absolutely love this 324 mile cakewalk. Possibly we will make some slight adjustments between now and race day (just in case we have missed something really great that you simply MUST see!). We do still need to drive it between now and then to make sure we have not missed anything.

Even though I am sure you can already guess, the location of the start will be revealed at the end of an incredible bus ride on June 15, 2022.

A lot of people said we could never top this year’s course.

They were wrong!!

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