we are off to a good start today.
peter lost his phone and has gone back to look for it.
my phone loses about a % of charge a minute when it is on.
not that it matters,
as it no longer has any sound so i can’t tell if someone calls or not.

at the moment i am sheltering under the porch of freddy’s steak burgers as it is coming a good rain.
the 5th time i have been rained on in idaho.
probably it is not raining anywhere else but here.

i am not really lost.
i know i am in caldwell.
and 20 is somewhere north of me.
oregon is to the west…
if it really exists.

i guess i better turn off my phone
and save charge for an emergency.
surely the rain will let up soon.
and i can continue north 
looking for 20.

laz (is it adventure yet?)