76 days 7 hours 27 minutes and 30 seconds after wetting my feet in the atlantic ocean at brenton point in newport rhode island
i reached 2,000 miles just west of rushville nebraska.

if it weren’t for the 5 hour delay this morning for the biggest electrical storm i ever saw, i think i would have virtually identical thousands.

if not for a week of electrical storm delays in rainy nebraska i would have negative split this thing.

feeling pretty good right now.
i think about everyone has a thousand mile pr.
but 2,000 seems sort of special….

but i need to keep moving.
jessica and harold have confirmed what i already knew.
2,000 is nice, but if you ain’t done 2100, you ain’t done nothing.
that next hundred is what separates the wannabes from the real journey runners…

i don’t expect a negative split for the next 1000.

there are some high mountain passes to cross.

laz (a very happy wannabe)


Reference email dated Sun, Jun 17, 8:44 AM, titled “1000 miles”:

after 999.75 miles i got lost
and had to stop and consult my map to figure out where to go next.

despite that i hit 1,000 miles at 38 days 3 hours 35 minuets and 35 seconds!

pr pr pr pr!
(for you dale)



For those doing the math……..

full 2000 – 76 days 7 hours 27 minutes and 30 seconds
first 1000 – 38 days 3 hours 35 minutes and 35 seconds
last 1000 – 38 days 3 hours 51 minutes and 55 seconds……. 16 minutes and 20 seconds longer for the second thousand miles.  He’s slowing down.