just a quick note from the rock.


melissa gave up the struggle last night.

there are now 29 among the lost.

tony, on the other hand,

has rocketed up in the field and out of danger from the reaper.


there are 4 just behind the reaper now;

diana and odie, jamie and josh.


they continue to live their lives in 12 hour increments.

survive one

and you get to do another….


those 12 hour races for survival still stretch out to the horizon.

there is no end in sight.


for me and carl there are no 12 hours increments.

no discernable rhythm to the day.

we have gotten way more sleep than we expected.

but it has just fallen wherever it fell,

when gaps appeared in the line of finishers.


the first question when we awake;

“what day is this?”


now to await the next one in.

not sure if we will get another actual sleep until sunday  morning.

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