we have been eking out miles between storms 
but this has been a wild ride tonight.

we have been watching as many as 4 big electrical storms at a time all around us.
at one point a storm was rolling towards us with a ground strike every 5 seconds.

we have walked in freezing wind and rain 
and we have walked in hot wind…
even a stretch of dead calm and hot air.

right now we are setting out a tropical  downpour, including hail and wind gusts that rocked the car.
don’t think the possibility of a tornado has not crossed my mind.

as rainy as my transcon has been 
nebraska has been the rainiest. 
and since we hit the drought stricken part
it has rained every day.

it has ceased being amusing.
it can’t rain on me 1 day in3 the whole way…

can it?

2000 is still 14 lousy miles away.
i just want to get there.



Julian replies:

sitting on my dry soft couch and loving the updates — good luck reaching 2000!!
must admit i am incredibly impressed by the entire endeavor.

why are you surprised by rain 1 day out of 3? that seems about right to me, and looking at some historical averages for cities along your route (including in nebraska, not just the east), they show 9 or 10 (or 11) days of rain in a typical july.

stay safe, and keep on keepin’ on,


i actually did the maths
taking the average number of days it rains in each city i passed thru during the month i was passing, then totaling them up.

i came up with 33 days it would rain while i was there.
since it doesn’t typically rain the entire day and i am only on the road a little more than half of each day i was expecting to be hit with rain about 25 times the whole trip.
today was the 25th rain day…

i don’t think it has rained when i was not on the road more than twice.

hoping the last of this string of storms will be over soon.