august 12
day 95
28 miles 
total 2,501

i felt sort of silly taking a 2500 mile time.
after all, as i have heard so often;
if you ain’t done 2600
you ain’t done nothing…

but i did it anyway 
since i don’t expect to do another 2500 real soon.

today was a very nice day,
no major climbs
and absorbing what i had seen of the wind river mountains 
while learning a lot about the baby tetons and the greater jackson hole segment of the snake river(thanks to jd)

and what a classroom to learn in.
i walked all day in the shadow of the tetons.

unfortunately the smoke rolled back in all day, too. since i am
hoping to finish tomorrow with the last big climb to teton pass,
the smoke is hardly a welcome sight.
but, whatever it will be is what it will be.
at least that’s how the first 2500 miles have gone.

i am really excited about the upcoming challenge.
teton is supposed to be the hardest climb yet.
i am a little beat up,
but i think there is some fight left in these old bones.

this is gonna be fun.