there are a lot fewer runners on the road tonight.

29 have dropped.

18 have finished.

28 of the original 75 remain in motion.

always moving towards the rock.

a long line of limping, weary souls

who have faced now nearly 8 days 

since they were dumped beside the road in gaffney south carolina.


the last few are nearing the tennessee line.

the piedmont is behind them

the appalachians are behind them

now kimsey mountain highway is behind them.


in front of them is the rock.


the adventures are not over.

there is a lot of work yet to be done.

but the rock is out there

calling to them.


jamie and josh are ahead of the reaper.

not enough to be comfortable.

but it feels better when he is behind you.


only odie and diana go into the 8th night trailing.


with a few hours before the next finisher

the crew at the rock is anxious to get a nap.

we never know when the opportunity will come again.


after the nightly discussion over where the reaper crew must be in the morning

even the weary meat wagon lady is getting some precious sleep.


odie and diana…

they face a long and lonely night of pressure.



they battle on to preserve the right to do the same thing again tomorrow.


so close….


only 90 miles from the rock.

you know they do not want to let it get away from them now.

not after everything they have endured.


but so far….


90 miles is a long way,

even on fresh legs.

and their legs have not been fresh for a long long time.


vaya con dios odie and diana.

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