HOTS 3 and a half day update
dont blink.
the situation at the hots can change in the blink of an eye…
or at least every 12 hours.
we have a new leader.
bev abbs finally succumbed to her back issues
and a few hours later john clarke was our new leader.
and just like that he was cast in a new role.
rather than chasing for all he was worth,
now he has to try to keep his body patched together
so that he can hang on and win!
to that end he has taken shelter in a room in the outskirts of crossville at 214 miles
to try and keep some minor issues minor
and grab some sleep.
behind him, henry lupton and brian trinkle are now joining forces in pursuit.
they are 8 miles back,
south of clarkrange
kimberly durst is at 200 miles, just leaving clarkrange.
while james turner is a couple of miles behind her just coming into clarkrange.
considering that no one is within 110 miles of the finish,
you can pretty well count on this order being shuffled a few more times.
and with everyone battling various injuries
the competition is starting to heat up.
at the rear end of the pack
gina kimrey and pam smith have accepted the inevitable.
they are gone.
the grim reaper and oprah are holding hands and skipping down the road,
in a dead heat with steve malliard, diane taylor, and timothy okeefe.
michelle weaver is only one mile ahead.
their nemeses, of course, move relentlessly on.
all we can ever do is watch the slow motion horror movie,
as desperate runners struggle valiantly
their pursuers relentlessly following
until they fall and are consumed.
diane, tim, steve, and michelle.
for gods sake run.
run for all you are worth!
it is really a shame that there is only time to tell the stories of those at the front
and those at the back.
because there are stories thruout the field.
these are not mystical beings
with powers beyond those of ordinary humans….
they are just average, regular people
like those you see every day.
but somewhere inside they harbor a hunger
a desire to seek out challenge and adventure.
the desire to reach for something beyond their grasp.
already in three and a half days
they have endured more than most people will endure in a lifetime.
they have seen the depths of despair
and what should seem a hopeless task ahead
as they are already beyond what most people would consider possible to endure.
yet most of them are not even at the halfway mark.
there are many desperate days ahead of them.
but they walk on without hesitation.
ordinary people
doing extraordinary things.

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