HOTS update…. 5 days!
so things will soon be changing on the update front.
i am starting this one because the first finisher is expected sometime between now….
and early afternoon.
we only know that he was in downtown chattanooga at 0100.
how fast is he moving?
did he take a break?
we do not know.
so it is safer to start the update while runners are in the process of checking in.
the leaders are making their final approach now.
and the next group is starting to plan the place where they begin that last push to the finish….
for most of the field this is just another day.
they have the comfort of knowing they are on the downhill side.
but the finish is still beyond their imagination.
it did not turn cold last night,
which is a mixed blessing.
another heat wave is starting.
today is going to be hard.
chattanooga is looking at 102 for the high.
that long climb up the mountain will pay off one way.
it is only supposed to reach a coolish 94 up at signal mountain!
the sequatchie valley will be looking for 101
and back on the cumberland plateau,
crossville is expected to reach 97.
basically the runners will be sweltering on the high ground
and cooking in their own skins down in the valleys.
diane taylor gave it up last night.
she did not make it out of day 5.
diana chmielewski overslept and fell 5 miles behind the reaper…
luckily she is trying to catch him up on the plateau
where it probably wont even reach 100 degrees!
(altho with a cloudless sky and lots of long exposed stretches)
steve malliard is in lockstep with termination,
listening to oprah’s click-clacking heels
and lonnie camp is a mere 2 miles ahead.
for those who are fighting for their very lives
this is going to be a long, hard day….
with only the promise of even more challenging days ahead,
the long thin line marches on.
64 out of the original 83 are still in the game.
more will fall before this is done.

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