12 hours to go.

5 runners left.


0ver the long night ahead

5 weary warriors soldier on.

everyone is now ahead of the reaper.


the last 4 are barely ahead,

but they have done what had to be done over the past 12 hours,

as they have been doing it for nine and a half days.


the end is so close.

only 12 more hours of forging on.

regardless of what their tired legs and painful feet have to say about it.


as the time winds down,

the meat wagon prepares for one last duty….


at 0800 tomorrow,

if any runners remain on the course,

the meat wagon will be sitting at the finish with the motor running.

when the last second ticks off,

the meat wagon will commence to drive the course backwards

and bring them in.

even if it finds them in the woods.


be strong you final five.

you have come too far and suffered too much to falter now.

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