september 5
day 119
26 miles 
total 3,101

remaining 202
7×26 + 1×20

one more day on hell highway.
endless straightaways 
relentless sun and heat
indy 500 traffic.

after the people upstairs practiced for mma competition all night
(literally making pictures on the wall rattle in my room) i was less than well rested for the day. holding serve required everything i had.
thank god for greg and john who have helped keep me from going totally mad on this soul crushing highway.
and for the milkshake from cory and chicken livers greg fixed that picked me up during a day filled with lows.

life can be surprising.
i never dreamed when i first saw jessica walking toward me in upstate new york that she would end up being the greatest road angel of my life.
it was her that got me thru the remotest reaches of nebraska.
and she has been here for me in the utter desolation of eastern oregon.

in addition to being an incredible crew, anticipating every need, covering every base, and making it so easy to focus all my attention on staying in motion, when that sole purpose has become all consuming.
jess has become a fast friend, with the sort of bond that can only form under pressure. 
it is the people who make this journey worth doing. getting to know her has been a treasure.
i suppose there is no chance of adopting her. but i sure hope she brings her family to tennessee for a vacation some day.


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