september 12
day 126
26 miles 
total 3,289

17 remaining 

i climbed a good sized hill to start the day and sort of thought that was it.
coastal range behind me
and now down to the pacific.

negatory good buddy.

the coastal range extends for miles 
and goes over multiple summits.
i didn’t move all that fast
but it was a really nice day.
with all the green and the hills and creeks it felt a little bit like home.
except we don’t have any of the same trees or all the huge ferns
or even the same kind of moss.
where there were road cuts, instead of layers of limestone there was what looked to me like layers of volcanic ash and sedimentary rock.
i have spent a lot of time wishing i knew more about the geology of all the fascinating places i have seen.

i saw lots of ripe blackberries and some gorgeous exotic looking caterpillars.

all in all it was a pleasant and relaxing final full day.

and i did finish up by climbing the last hill, and now i have a mostly downhill run to the pacific.

i am not sure exactly how i feel.
it has been such a long journey 
with so many unexpected twists and turns…

and who knows what might happen tomorrow.

what i do know is that first glimpse of the pacific is going to be a special moment.
and i want to bring it home from there alone.

i really believe i am going to make it!


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