june 3
day 25
26 miles
total 647

for once i had exactly as far to go as my stupid plan said.
on top of that, i got a fast start.
bud sterner came from nowhere to be a fantastic crew.

i was on top of the world when i got to pennsylvania.
new york was great
but i didn’t want to spend the rest of my life there.

then it got hot.
and it seemed like some sort of bone deep fatigue set in.
i kept a consistent effort
but it just wasn’t producing the miles i wanted.

things still looked to be working out
until the skies turned black
and the monsoon came in.

initially radar showed a narrow
fast moving band of rain.
so i raced it to buds van
and hopped in just in time.

the smugness evaporated
when the narrow band stretched out and settled in.
i lost an hour
and still had to get wet.
and weave thru puddles, traffic, and sidewalks that look more like jungle trails.

so now i am 5 miles in the hole again.

and still waiting on the easy days to start.



Gordon Cherr wrote:
>In Meditations From The Breakdown Lane, Jim Shapiro spoke as to the why it really never got easier as he ran his way across America.

NOW i remember that.

i think that the biggest problem today was not having any real food since big tree.
mcdonald’s and taco bell did not dent the hunger that was building.

i am still working on how to handle the food issue.
lots of good food has been put in front of me
and i am too tired to eat it.
there is just so little time.
14 hours walking,
2 hours to get to a place to stay
clean up
prepare for tomorrow
and go to bed
7 hours sleep
and an hour to get back…

but tonight i scarfed down a giant calzone.
maybe that will help
but now i am late getting to bed!


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