july 10
day 62
30 miles
total 1,624

i knew this was going to be a warm one when it was still over 90 f at 2200 hours.

nonetheless i was looking forward to the night,
expecting nothing but good roads,
and that is just what i got.
my own lane thru construction for 8 miles
then 8 or 10 more with a real shoulder
before finishing the day with my own lane again.
road construction is my best friend!

what really surprised me was what happened when i hit the big hills after correctionville.
the day had started heating up as soon as the giant orange ball appeared on the horizon.
my legs acted like they had found a home.
dig dig dig up the hill
stride stride stride down the hill
the heat hurt
but it was like my legs just didn’t care.
david green did a great job thru the heat
hitting me with ice cold drinks every mile
and a cold gel pack every other mile.
it renewed my hope that i can perform with a decent road to run…

leaving me to face tomorrow with trepidation.
the good stuff only lasts a few more miles
then it is back to the iowa standard of shoulder less road.

nebraska is only 23 miles away.
i need an early start to get in as much as possible before the traffic begins!



ps: i passed 1600 last night.
which is nice,
but not all that impressive
(it doesn’t sound like much
but 1600 miles is really far)

of course, as everyone knows;
if you haven’t done 1700
you haven’t done anything.

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