august 19
day 102
27 miles (or 28)
total 2,690

this had to be one of the smoothest days of the journey.
of course i am now walking towards 4 wildfires.
2 south of my route 
and 2 north.
so there was a lot of smoke….

i think i am getting used to it.

i reached craters of the moon national park at the end of the day,
altho i have been seeing lava fields for a couple of days already.
it hasn’t been as cool as the lava flows i walked into at the end.

ellen and julie are tending to me now 
and it is exciting to see the remaining distance starting to really be impacted by my daily work.

i met brian and carol 
who told me a lot about the big nuclear research area i walked thru 
(security came and checked me out in less than a mile)

and also the mountains to the north 
that are barely visible thru the smoke.

i am still trying to squeeze in a little extra sleep.
with my hard push the last few hundred miles 
i am starting to see a chance to finish in time to see the coalfield game
and work the decision point at barkley fall classic!
but it has pushed me to the limits.

i need to eat a good meal 
and get that sleep!

what i am having for my meal is going to be a surprise in just a minute.
i am so excited!!

hope it is not cucumbers and sweet potatoes.


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