So me and the brain trust have been working on an update of the rules. Everchanging technology (and the desire to use it in nefarious ways) along with the burgeoning ranks of road angels (and their desire to help) has created a few adjustments.

As always comments are welcome. Maybe you will hit on points we forgot. At the very least you will get it off your chest! Now to see the results of the greatest rivalry in technology (word formatting vs facebook formatting):

Basic Rules

“The Last Annual Vol State Road Race” is not, in the strictest sense,

a race. It is a mass journey run. The race organization covers the

essential elements of a journey run. We provide transportation to the

start, parking at the finish, and a bailout for anyone wishing to vacate

their attempt. All other arrangements for food and lodging are the

responsibility of the runner.

Below is a list of the basic rules covering the race. The race intentionally

keeps rules to a minimum relying on common sense. These rules are

not all inclusive and the RD is the final authority on any situation.


Rules for everyone

1) Safety First

2) A continuous string of footprints

3) No Pacers

4) Twice Daily Checkin

5) You can not get in or on a vehicle

6) You cannot go in homes

7) You cannot use road angels as crew

😎 If you require medical treatment you are out

9) You must accept the ride down after the race if deemed necessary

10) Clean Up Your Act!

Additional for Crewed Runners

1) No Rolling Handoffs

1) Safety is the first consideration. you are expected to take all reasonable

precautions to avoid putting your health in jeopardy. If we believe that

you have exceeded reasonable bounds, you may be required to leave the


* The Vol State is a challenging event for even the most experienced runner. The ultimate responsibility for your safety rests with you.

.If you have a serious and immediate emergency, call 911.

.Treat traffic hazards with respect. You are not going to win a right of way contest with a 2,000 pound vehicle.

.While our crew consists of experienced journey runners, we are not medical professionals. Just because we do not see that you are in obvious trouble does not constitute the final evidence that you should continue. If you need to be removed from the course for your safety, do not hesitate to make that call.

.Even if we do not insist that you take a ride down after the finish, if you are not safe to drive, do not hesitate to ask for that ride.

.The Vol State can be the adventure of a lifetime, and it will press you to your utmost limits. Reaching The Rock is not something every runner will attain. Know your limits. Showing the wisdom to stop before endangering yourself will not be penalized. You can always return for another attempt. You do not get another life.*

2) All competitors must cover the complete course on foot.

If you make a wrong turn or otherwise leave the course you must return

on foot to where to you left before continuing.

IE you must cover the complete course.

3) No pacers are allowed. Runners may only be accompanied by other

entrants who are at the same point in the race.

4) Runners must report in to race management twice per day at approximately

7:30 am and pm or as soon as possible after. If you will be off the course at the

check in time, you may report early.

5) Runners may not get in a vehicle for any reason during the event.

The only exception is if you are ordered into a vehicle by law enforcement.

If this occurs, you may ride back to the point where you left the course.

6) Runners may not enter the home of a road angel.

7) Runners may not use a road angel as crew: meaning they cannot run errands, go shopping, do your laundry, cook to order, take requests to stock special supplies, etc.

😎 If you require any sort of emergency medical treatment, including an IV,

you are required to vacate your attempt. Your health and safety are the

first consideration. (please note that we reserve the right to make a judgement call… several years ago, a runner was bitten by a dog and had to go to the ER to receive stitches. Since he had no ongoing medical crisis relating to actually running the race, he was allowed to return to the course and continue.)

9) If race management does not consider you safe to drive upon completion

of the event, you are required to accept transport down the Race HQ until

you have slept enough to safely drive.

10) Have some consideration for the people who live along the route. Do not leave a trail of trash along the road. Do not remove your shoes and do surgery on your feet in a restaurant. Things like this are not funny. They are disgusting. Lets be that better class of homeless that we like to think we are. At the very least, lets not give homeless people a bad name!

1) No rolling handoffs (giving of aid or taking something from the runner)

from a moving vehicle. Crew cars must pull completely off the roadway

before giving aid to the runner. If any of the staff observe a rolling handoff, you will be DQ’ed on the spot. No exceptions, No excuses. Rolling handoffs are extremely dangerous.


Other information:

1) The official race finish is taken in the order the runners arrive. There is

no formal distinction between aided and unaided runners. However, this is an

important distinction to many participants. Basically, an aided runner is one

with a crew to supply their needs. An unaided runner is one who takes care

of their own needs. The basic nature of running unaided has changed over

the years, as local communities and individuals have begun setting up

unofficial aid stops (welcome centers) for the participants. Utilizing these stops

is not considered giving up the unaided status. Basically, these stops have

compensated for the decreased number of markets along the route.

However, accepting assistance from the race management, the crews of other

entrants, or other people not local is considered being aided.

Breaking it down beyond those points is a matter for individual determination.

2) Bailout can be chosen at any point, requiring only a telephone call to request

removal from the course. While we have several vehicles stationed thruout the

field, an immediate pickup cannot be guaranteed. After pickup, an immediate

ride back to your vehicle cannot be guaranteed. If an immediate ride is not

available, we will shuttle you to a pickup point so that you may go in the next

possible transport to the finish.






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