113 journeys
vole stare toad race
the roads are open.
the rock is empty.
the katydid chorus is singing to no one.
the 113 who took the ferry have returned to their lives
but there is something different about them…
it is not the fading sunburn
nor the healing blisters
not even the improving limp.
the changes are not physical.
the changes are inside.
the journey changed them.
we were made to struggle.
we were made to face challenges
we were made to make great journeys.
for 314 miles life was simple
reduced to the search for water, food, and shelter
and reduced to the need to move.
every journey was different.
some took the journey to race
and to accomplish great things.
for others it was a quest to find if they could do it.
it was a vision quest
a search for self.
or even a search for belonging.
but every journey was the same.
it was a return to a simpler existence.
built around a single goal
to reach the rock.
along the way they cleansed their souls
they found freedom on the open road
they found purpose in the goal
and on the way to the rock
they found themselves .

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