august 28
day 111
26 miles 
total 2,931

today was the hardest day of the journey so far.
i admit i complained about the rain.
but i don’t mind a little overcast!
there was not a cloud all day.
and that oregon sun cooked me.
i admit i made some snarky remarks about the 30 and 40 mph wind yesterday.
that didn’t mean any slight breeze wouldn’t have been welcome today!

i really wanted to keep up the streak of 27’s today.
but i faded badly at the end,
rather than my usually strong finish.
hoping to get in bed early and have a better performance tomorrow.

even tho i am in oregon now,
i am still in the treasure valley,
where boise is
(idaho loves their valleys… treasure valley, magic valley, etc)
so i am also still in mountain time.

i am looking forward to new places and new things!
altho i did really enjoy the sweet yet pungent smell of onions all day.
other crops i failed to mention include green beans and bell peppers.
i was too late to see bell peppers in the field, but i saw plenty smashed on the side of the road where they fell off the truck.
onions too, since that is what they are harvesting now.
also i was told they are harvesting sugar beets.
getting conked in the head with one of those falling off a speeding truck would add some adventure!
all the harvested fields are being irrigated again.
i am curious what is being planted so near to winter?

late in the day i started seeing hay and alfalfa fields again 
along with lava rock hills.
so i think i will be leaving the treasure valley behind soon.
i cannot wait to see what surprises oregon has in store for me.


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