twas the night before vol state

and all thru the motel

not a runner was stirring…

.except one sitting outside his room watching ‘america’s got talent’ on his phone.


what do you say the night before the race begins?

what do you think if you are sitting on your bed

looking at the 3 pounds of carefully selected possessions

that will define your world for the next….


the newbies have expectations

that will never be met.

it is not what you think it will be.


the veterans have expectations.

during the long ride the forgotten parts of the journey

have re-emerged from their deep burial


the course is like a living library for me

every straightaway,

every hill 

peopled with the ghosts of decades of vol state runners.

their hope

their despair

their tears

their laughter

they have permeated the places along the way


the stories;

the tragedies

the dramas

the romances

the comedies.


tomorrow we begin the addition of new volumes.

the best thing about the vol state

what is about to happen no one can know…


but it wont be what they expected.

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