just over 6 hours to go.

everyone is in except diane, richard, and terrie.


feeling good about diane.

all three of then were together at the blue bridge

but she pulled away,

and now we believe her to be on castle rock road.

slowly and painfully approaching the gate to castle rock ranch.

feeling good about diane making it.


richard had moved out behind her and was at the start of the climb up sand mountain in reasonable time.

but there are reports he got turned around part way up and ran back to the bottom.

terrie’s crew turned him around and he is headed back up.


the meat wagon has gone to keep an eye on him.

i dont have odds on whether he will make it or be pulled.


terrie has just started the climb.

her crew is confident.

but it is going to be close.


this is turning into a long, long night.

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