september 10
day 124
27 miles 
total 3,236

remaining 69
2×26 + 1×17

let me start by saying that i have no idea how close the remaining mileage is to being right.
google maps had removed another mile from the time i got to internet service until i finished.
then it gave the mile back.
the frustration of the vagaries of google map is about to drive me mad.

first thing tomorrow i intend to send out a scout to pin this down once and for all!

today was sort of twilight zoneish.
people were honking horns and waving from passing cars.
others stopped and gave me milkshakes…

maybe they don’t realize i am just a broken down old man walking very slow?

anyway things are simple now.
i have to check the infected (?) toe to make sure it is not run threatening.
and then take a quick inventory of the other issues, mostly somewhat under control;
shower, eat, and go to bed.

we are down to the wire
and tomorrow is the day to put myself in a position to finish
if i am going to be able to do it.

maybe i can also  find time to tell you about oregon. but time is my scarcest commodity right now.


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