august 31
day 114
27 miles 
(math adjustment -21)
total 2,992

it had taken a lot out of me to get the finish within reach.
i have been pushing my limits every day trying to get my required daily mileage down to 26….

yesterday i finally hit that mark.
and i went to bed feeling almost smug.
out in the darkness oregon licked its lips and smiled to itself.
it had a surprise waiting for me.  

during the night i dream walked the next day (as i do every night)
in my dreams the 27 mile gradual climb of yesterday had brought me to the end of the hills 
and i racked up big mileage.

i hit the road expecting a day just like my dream.
oregon had other plans.

starting with a grinding 9 mile climb to a mountain pass was an eye opener.
the screaming 3 mile descent on the other side was a leg jellier.
that set me up perfectly for a long day of relentless climbs and descents.
but after working so hard to get in reach, i was determined not to give it back on the first day.
ending the day by digging out enough reserves to do the first two miles of a five mile climb to another mountain pass, i held serve
and even got an extra mile for the bank.
now i need 26 miles a day for 12 days 
and only 25 on the 13th day.
i need to get some miles in reserve 
this is still the lazcon 
and who knows what will happen next.

hopefully not too many more days like today.
i m spent 
and not sure where i will find the strength to go again tomorrow.


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