may 24
day 15
21 miles
total 375

this was the best day yet.
it was a short day
and for a change felt like it.

each day since i have hit the mountains
it has been the same story
i grind up the climbs
and then try to keep from killing my back on the downs.

eventually the recovery after grinding the climbs takes longer and longer
until there is no recovery
and the rest of the day as just a long slog.

today i recovered from every climb.
and finished feeling good.

i need to keep getting stronger,
because the mountains keep getting bigger.
but now starting the third week,
i am still on schedule
and feel the best i have felt at the end of any day.

the next three days are going to be demanding.
this might make or break my attempt.

one thing about spending 12-16 hours a day walking,
there is almost no time between finishing the day and going to bed.
i have to squeeze in showering, eating, getting stuff ready for tomorrow…
maybe a hurried post.

basically the run occupies every moment of my time,
except for sleep.

and that is a lie.
it occupies 24 hours a day.

the dreams started the second night.
i dreamed that i got up,
got all my stuff together,
and then i woke up thinking i had to go.

i felt horrible
and then realized i had only been in bed for 2 hours.

this repeated itself 3 more times before it was actually time to get up.

it did not take long to learn.
if there is not a clock i can read from the bed,
i wear my watch.
this way when the dreams awaken me,
i can check the time
to know if i really have to get up or not.

i am developing a whole series of different dreams.
the original “it is time to go” dream.
the variation
where i dream that i have to contact every person helping on the run before i leave for the day
and struggle hopelessly to get thru my contact list,
while knowing that i am losing all my road time.

the current favorite
where i walk and walk and walk
and find myself back where i started,
study my phone map to see which way to go,
and then repeat the process…

that dream is particularly rewarding.

i wake up 2 or 3 times every night
worried about the current dream,
check the clock,
or my watch.
and then go back to sleep.

it is amazing that i feel so refreshed every morning.

speaking of which.
i am past my bedtime.

i wonder how many miles i will put in tonight?


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