august 8
day 91
26 miles 
total 2,370

the low smoke was still in effect this morning 
and the result was the best view of the mountains yet. 
i could see details on the nearest,
and rank upon rank of looming, massive shapes.
i could even make out snow up in the higher reaches.
walking a dirt road shortcut thru the wind river reservation i was enjoying the cool temperatures and fresh air.
my thoughts waxed poetic about this incredible journey.
i saw in it an allegory for a lifetime,
for the generations of a family,
or even the centuries of a nation.

i was thinking to expound on these ideas in my post.
but the events of the day always seem to bury the quiet thoughts of the morning.

the smoke rolled back in 
heavier than ever.
i wept (inside ) as the mountains faded 
and were finally obscured altogether. 
i cursed as the smell and taste of smoke became the dominant feature of a blistering hot day. 

as has been the case a lot in recent days, the long distances to everything left me with a lot less walking time than i wanted 
but i worked my tail off to salvage a decent day.

my thanks to ty for a couple of stalwart days at the last second.
he kept the journey alive.
and sympathy for joe 
who came to help ty,
and instead had a rapidly deteriorating toothache that ended up with a. late night visit to the er…

and an early exit.

at the lazcon there is a new adventure every day.


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