if i had known i would be this slow 
i would never have started.

i had done the calculations 
and there was no way to get enough crews to creep across north america at less than 2.5 miles an hour.

however, when my legs lost all their life, i was already committed.
i resolved to continue giving everything i had until the crews ran out.

by the time i reached nebraska,
i was stunned by the added difficulties of relentlessly bad weather and the huge distances between anything out west.

along the way i have been reduced to a shambling, exhausted old man,
capable of doing nothing more than eating, sleeping, walking, and begging for cold fluids.
beyond that, the continuation of the lazcon is entirely the work of others.

the lazcon has become like crossing a bridge while it is being built.
sometimes the pavers are being placed while my foot is still in the air.

somehow the string has remained unbroken.
sometimes i actually think it can last until i finish.

there are a lot of heroes involved.
ty, driving overnight to pick me up before sunrise, and move me two days down the road.
jeff, leaving work on his sprinkler system, without time for a shower, to keep the slow ride going.
jessica flying and driving a whole day to get me across half of nebraska.

i can’t even name them all,
and half the time am not really aware of the sacrifices they have made….

but the real hero, the driving force behind this crazy big dream still going on is sandra.
she saw the wheels coming off,
and stepped in.
for more than two weeks i didn’t even know she was the unseen force finding crews and organizing them.
throwing new pavers under my feet at the last second.
not until she flew out to plug a 3 day gap herself did i find out.

i guess i still have doubts that the lazcon can end in success.
i am physically exhausted.
a walking collection of injuries.

and there are still 736 miles (i think) to be covered. most of it remote desert.
i don’t see how enough crews can possibly be rounded up.
but i intend to continue giving my best as long as crews keep appearing.

however, if this thing succeeds.
sandra is the real hero.


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