september 1
day 115
27 miles 
total 3,019

the lazcon is like the evil genie that gives you three wishes.
yesterday i got hammered with hills,
and sure i whined a little.

so, after starting today with one last big climb to a 5,000 foot pass
we descended to the great basin.

this continent is the product of so many forces of incomprehensible power.
continental collisions, miles thick glaciers, eruptions from deep within the earth, and now continental stretching!

the great basin should be called the great big basin.
it extends all the way to north west arizona, includes most of nevada, a hunk of western utah, and a finger sticks up into oregon…
this huge region has no outlets to the sea. what little rain falls on it just evaporates. and it is still stretching!
all this time i have been walking the pacific has been moving away from me!!
i am glad only a finger sticks into oregon.
we walked perfectly flat and perfectly straight towards a hill that i hope is on the other side for 9.5 hours of unchanging scenery.
we reached the top of that hill to end the day.
who knows what oregon has in store for me tomorrow?

so it was another hard day.
but i held serve plus one.
now i need 11 days at 26 miles 
plus one of 24.

i am having a little talk with my stomach tonight about team play.
it was not a good teammate today.


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