july 25
day 77
22 miles
total 2,004

the mileage was disappointing.
but we spent 5 hours huddled in the car during the most impressive electrical storm i have ever watched.
staying in the car was not a matter of not getting wet. it was about survival.

everything in nebraska is endless.
the horizon
the sand hills
the kindness
the state
the storms.

the day was further complicated by no fewer than 5 law enforcement stops. a lazcon record.
all of them were friendly and wanted to make sure we didn’t need help.
but these also eat time.
and time is my most scarce commodity.

under the conditions i moved well to get 22 miles. but, i am antsy to have a better day. one without all the obstacles that seem to keep cropping up.

the last couple of days have brought me both out of the sand hills and into the “shortgrass” prairie region.
true shortgrass prairie is limited, but there is a distinct difference in the prairie here,
with actual dirt instead of sand,
and (sadly) a lesser variety of wildflowers. the soil is shale derived from the pine ridge formation primarily in south dakota.
i understand i might even see some badlands terrain over the next few days.

all i know for sure is i will be seeing some new landscapes over that time. every new day is so exciting, never knowing exactly what will happen or what i will see.

as much as i look forward to finding
out if wyoming really does exist, i will miss nebraska;
twin bings, runza, dorothy lynch…
and a whole lot more.
if you aren’t from nebraska, you have probably never heard of them.
and you are missing out.

yet another state that deserves a whole lot more exploration…

maybe next time in a car.


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