june 22
day 44
30 miles
total 1,154

started the day in another monsoon downpour.
more of the endless chicago traffic
and shoulderless roads.

let no one claim that i handled it with grace and dignity….

by the time we reached the mosquito haven affectionately referred to as a bike trail
i had nearly exhausted my vast storehouse of swear words.

one of mike dobies’ famous blue cheese and sausage omelets brightened my outlook.

add in a slackening in the rain
some good company
a crew whose dedication is embarrassingly beyond my meagre performance
and the result was a solid performance
(by my standards).

the big thing is that i am north and west of chicago.
the yearning for peaceful country roads grows by the hour.
and i know they are close!

all the rain has destroyed another pair of shoes.
the sole still have miles left.
but the insides have given up the ghost.
the constant wetness just dissolved whatever held them together.

the worst thing that happened was
after the run had ended.
carelessly pulling off my neuroma pad without letting my foot dry out.

a circle of wet skin came off with it.
so now i have a hole in my foot.
looking at the “new” red skin i have concerns about gluing tomorrow’s neuroma pad to it.

i regret that i did not get to see more of chicago than rain and traffic.
but that is behind me.

new adventures await tomorrow.
and the mississippi is growing ever closer!


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