vol stare toad race

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the darkness grows.


outside the sky is growing dark and threatening.

the heat is still stifling.

but the still air is filled with anticipation.

the first rumbles of thunder have not yet been heard

but there is mayhem brewing.


being july some runners are watching the sky turn ugly

and wondering where they will seek shelter

while others are seeing nothing except blue hell overhead.


the weather is an allegory for what is going on inside the vol staters.


while some are locked in competition

trying to come up with the winning formula for the home stretch

most are strung out on the endless 412

so far from the finish that they can no longer imagine it.


their souls are as black as the sky here in kimball.

the pain.

the heat.

the hunger

the thirst

the fatigue.

the sleep deprivation.

the loneliness of the open road.

every runner will go thru periods of such despair

you cannot imagine.

it is not made better by having a ride a phone call away.


in the crucible of the vol state

every small thing is enormous.

a bottle of water from a road angel

can bring tears of gratitude….


missing closing time at your last chance to eat for the day

(even if it was only to be filling station food)

can bring a depression as deep as the mariana trench.


and this is the battle the runners must fight

if they are to reach the rock.

it is not the incredible distances

the heat

the hills

none of that.

the body will answer if the mind demands.


but to stay focused on the goal

in the face of all those obstacles.

in the face of so much difficulty still ahead.

in the face of disappointments

and stress.

it is the darkness inside that is the greatest challenge.


every runner will have moments when they do not believe they can make it.

to continue

when all seems hopeless….


this is the battle they face

when the darkness grows.


deep inside

they have what it takes

there is a hidden wellspring of strength in all of us.

if we call on it.


most of us never will.


right now.


or tomorrow

maybe the next day.

somewhere along that endless road

the vol staters must call on that hidden reserve.


or the darkness will win.

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