may 21
day 12
21 miles
total 307

took a shorter day today
to sharon springs.
the idea was to get rest because none of my easy days have worked out.

amazing and beautiful stretch of road.
scenic views galore.
and relentless climbs to match.
struggled late, from so much elevation the last 4 days.
but still got in early….

to find the motel abandoned.
the office was open
but no one could be found .
after 2 hours of waiting
we tried the other 3 motels.
all locked
and no one answered phone calls,
just like the first.
bed and breakfast places
the same result.

twilight zone.

so we went to eat.
restaurants just like the motels.
sharon springs-ghost town
we ate at the local dairy dip.

afterward we tried the motel again.
success! someone was there.
“i just stepped out to the bank”
(for 5 hours?)

so i am getting ready to shower
and get some sleep before tomorrow.
i have already seen the mountain to be climbed to start the day.

i hope my legs can take it!

a special thanks to crew ed ackerly.
without his help today might have ended me


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